Endurade sports nutrition have partnered with the Weekend Warrior: Grabouw grown by Tru-Cape. This uniaue family stage races will be supported by one of the most revoloutinary and prooudly South African sports nutritional brands.



Water makes up 70% of the planet . It is the literally the life blood of our world. It flows through your city, the copper and steel pipes like veins and arteries that cross your body, supplying us with our most vital resource, without it there is no life.
In this water world, everybody’s got their source from springs and glaciers to straight outta yo city faucet; but you’re an Athlete and you need something that hydrates better than water!

For ENDURADE SPORT, their sports focused team has pulled zero punches, sourcing triple filtered and UV treated water, retaining all the naturally occurring minerals, loading it with electrolytes and sweetening it sugar free with refreshing flavours.
So grab your 630ML of BIG REFRESHMENT (which fits into your bottle cage) at the start and finish of Weekend Warrior: Grabouw grown by Tru Cape, to ensure you get in the game!
Break a sweat; Hydrate. Break the record; Dominate.

At Weekend Warrior: Grabouw grown by Tru-Cape, you can expect to find our waterholes fully stocked up with this innovative nutritional brand. Their 3:1 CARBOHYDRATE TO PROTEIN PERFORMANCE AMINO ACID & ELECTROLYTE BLEND HYDRATION mix is what you will need to #EmbraceThePace as you take on this unique family stage race.

The Endurade range of raw bars will be available in abundance. With honey coated banana pieces. High energy, no preseratives. The perfect on-the-go energy snack to help you #KeepTheCadence.
The entry price to the Weekend Warrior Grabouw grown by Tru- Cape includes your own 3 man tent, 2 stages around the Eikenhof dam, live music, beer garden, kids area just to name a few.

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